Grandpa Green


Grandpa Green

by Lane Smith

Age: 4+

Interests: grandparents, family history, history, biography, gardening

Roaring Book Press: 2011

33 pp.

Also by this author/illustrator: John, Paul, George & Ben; Madam President; The Stinky Cheese Man (as illustrator)

More picture books about the lives of grandparents: Song and Dance Man, Grandfather’s Journey, They Were Strong and Good

A little boy narrates his great-grandpa’s life story as he walks through a fantastic topiary garden which has been lovingly pruned by Grandpa Green to illustrate the events of his life.  Grandpa Green is very old now, and sometimes forgetful, but fortunately the garden can remember the important things for him.

This is a gentle, loving look at a grandparent’s life, and a nice way to introduce the topic of family history. It could spark interest in the stories of your own family. A lovely read.

(this title available at

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