Song and Dance Man


Song and Dance Man

Karen Ackerman, text

Stephen Gammell, illustrations

Alfred A. Knopf, 1988

30 pp.

Age: 4+

Interests: family history, grandparents, song and dance, theatre

Other books on family history: They Were Strong and Good, Grandfather’s Journey

Next: pull out the old family photos!

There’s a little time before supper, so Grandpa takes the three kids up to the attic… and puts on a show! He used to be a song and dance man on the vaudeville stage – he’s still got a trunk full of costumes, and he can still tap up a storm. His grandchildren clap and cheer, but wonder if he doesn’t miss the good old days. He smiles and tells them he wouldn’t trade a million of the good old days for the days he spends with them.

A cheerful look back at the lives our grandparents lived before we were around. Becoming interested in old photos and attic treasures can be a child’s introduction to family history and history in general.

Brightly coloured, warm and lively illustrations portray a rumpled-but-still-spry granddad, his enthusiasm for dancing, and his love for his grandchildren.

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