Wolf in the Snow



Wolf in the Snow

text and illustrations by Matthew Cordell

Ages: 3+

Interests: bravery, wilderness, survival, snow, wolves, animals

In this wordless picture book, a girl on her way home from school loses her way in a snowstorm. She comes upon a wolf pup, also lost and whimpering. She picks him up and carries him in the direction of his howling family. After delivering him to his mother, she continues on her way home. Unfortunately the cold and darkness are too much for her, and she collapses. The wolves circle around her and howl to alert her searchers to her location. Her father comes on the run and carries her safely home.

It’s a charming book, the girl is certainly plucky, and the loose illustrations reminded me of Quentin Blake’s work, but in my heart of hearts I just had to laugh at the premise that carrying a baby wolf to his mother is a good idea. Ever.

Lovely sentiment, but.



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