Nose to the Grindstone for 2015 (yeowch!)

I have been absent, apologies for the lack of reviews recently. Besides the usual distractions of the Christmas season, I have a novel due to send to my publisher, which has taken up a lot of my time lately. (For more about that please see my “official author website”.)
Once I send that off (any day now), I’ve got to start writing the next one, which will be due later this year.
And if that wasn’t enough, my computer has recently slipped into a coma and until it is nursed back to health I’m stuck with tapping away on an iPad, which is nrathermcnhdhjjkckmdn, if you know what I mean.
(Happily I am a fanatic about backing up, so manuscript is safe, thank goodness!)
Despite all busy-ness however, I have been reading up a storm, still working my way through the list of Newbery and Carnegie Medal Winners. So whenever I find a little time, I’ve got plenty of reviewing to catch up on. This year I should be able to finish reading all the Newbery titles – 64 down, 28 to go – if I can locate copies of them all. (Hallelujah for Interlibrary Loans!)
That’s my outlook on the year ahead, returning whenever I can to this blog because it really is a labour of love. I hope you will check in from time to time and let me share my finds with you!
All the best for 2015!


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