Nine Days to Christmas


Nine Days to Christmas

text by Marie Hall Ets & Aurora Labastida

illustrated by Marie Hall Ets

44 pp.

Age: 4 +

Interests: Christmas customs in Mexico, pinatas

Ceci, aged five, is very excited about the posada, or Christmas party, that is going to be held at her home. The highlight of preparations for it is buying a great big pinata, and she gets to choose which one it will be. When the party comes, she is sad that her beautiful big star pinata will be broken, but a star in the sky whispers to her, “Don’t cry, Ceci!” Because a little girl chose it for her first posada, when the pinata was broken it turned into a real star. This makes Ceci feel a lot better, looking up at the star which she gave to the world for Christmas.

This book includes a lot of details about little Ceci’s life, about her kindergarten, and the daily activities around her home. It also includes interesting information about the posadas that are held on each of the nine nights before Christmas, all told from Ceci’s point of view. There is an element of magic included as well, as the pinatas at the market all speak to her, trying to convince her to choose them for her first posada.

Excellent for children just becoming interested in other countries and Christmas traditions.

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