White Snow Bright Snow


White Snow Bright Snow

Alvin Tresselt, author

Roger Duvoisin, illustrator

New York: Lothrop, Lee & Shepard, 1947

27 pp.

Ages: 3 +

Interests: winter, snow, seasons

When the first flakes of snow start to fall, grownups busy themselves with practical matters but the children run out to play. A simple, descriptive story of a first big snowfall, from the anticipation and first flakes, to the shovelling, the frost on the window, the snow forts, and the policeman with wet feet who ends up in bed with a cold.

Automobiles looked like big fat raisins buried in snowdrifts. Houses crouched together, their windows peeking out from under great white eyebrows. Even the church steeple wore a pointed cap on its top.

Soon enough the snow melts, the rabbits come out from underground, and the children watch for the first robin of spring.

(If only winter were that brief!!)

Simple and old-fashioned, but not without charm.

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