The Magic Pudding

also known as: The Magic Pudding: being the adventures of Bunyip Bluegum and his friends Bill Barnacle & Sam Sawnoff

Norman Lindsay, author and illustrator

Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1918

reprinted by Mineola, NY: Dover, 2006

137 pp; 4 chapters (or ‘slices’)

Ages: 5 and up, though vocabulary is a little difficult          (chapter book)

Interests: animals, Australia, magic, food, fighting


Treasure Island (1950)

(Disney live-action)
Rated: PG (US & video rating in Canada)
Length:  96 min.
Age: 5 and up.                 Commonsense Media sez: 7 +

Scary Factor: lots of adventure, threatening situations too numerous to count; sword battles, shooting, mutiny; Jim fights a pirate and is wounded before he shoots the pirate in the face

Also: much drinking of rum (only by adults)

Interests: pirates, action, adventure, ships, islands, treasure, British history

Next: other pirate films Captain Blood, The Sea Hawk; books Treasure Island, Kidnapped, Robinson Crusoe


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