The Three Poor Tailors


Victor Ambrus

London: Oxford University Press, 1965

23 pp

Ages: 3+

Interests: folktales

The story of three poor (and foolish) tailors, who decide they’d like to see the big city and ride there, all three on a little nanny goat. They live it up with a big feast, but have no money to pay, so do a dine-and-dash with disastrous results. Imprisoned in the stockade, they must repair old coats until their debts are paid. On their return home, however, they are unrepentant. In fact they plan to save up for a billy goat, all the better to outrun the city guards on their next visit!

A fun romp-without-a-moral, with vividly coloured illustrations. Based on an old Hungarian folktale, this rambunctious treatment captures all the vigour and charm of an old yarn. Children will be greatly amused by the tailors’ adventure, and the fact that they had so much fun they’re planning to do it all again!



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