Shirley Hughes, author and illustrator

London: Random House, 1977

30 pp

Ages: 2+

Interests: toys, family, siblings

Dave loses his favourite stuffed animal, Dogger, and is absolutely distraught. Then his family visit the school fair and who does he spot in the toys for sale booth but his own lost friend! Things get desperate when a little girl buys him before Dave can get the money, but his big sister Bella comes to the rescue with a very generous act.

Who can’t identify with a child losing their favourite possession? It’s sheer tragedy in the making, at kid’s-eye level. And the relief in getting him back is wonderful, abetted by a very caring and kind big sister. An endearing snapshot of family life, including sister Bella, baby brother Joe, and Mum and Dad who search in vain for the lost dog.

Shirley Hughes has written and illustrated many books with her charming drawings. The pictures are true-to-life – the home a very modest row-house, the characters rumpled and expressive.



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