The Story of the Snow Children

The Story of the Snow Children

by Sibylle von Olfers

first published in 1905 in Germany

English translation by Polly Lawson – Edinburgh: Floris Books, 2005

20 pp.

Ages: 2 +

Interests: fairies, princesses, snow, winter, parties, magic

Also by this author: The Story of the Root Children (1906), Princess in the Forest (1909), and The Story of the Wind Children (1910)

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Peter in Blueberry Land

Peter in Blueberry Land

by Elsa Beskow

first published in Swedish in 1901

English translation by Alison Sage, 1982

Edinburgh: Floris Books, 2001

32 pp.

Age: 2 +

Interests: magic, forest, little people

Also by this author: Tale of the Little Old Woman, Children of the Forest, Aunt Green Aunt Brown and Aunt Lavender More

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