Welcome to 2018!

Happy New Year! Or as my daughter put it at midnight last night: “Happy Totally Random Reason to Celebrate!”

The year ahead looks full of projects and new initiatives, but I pledge to continue reviewing and sharing my thoughts with you on this humble little blog. After all, if my calculations are correct, I’m only 14 reviews away from finishing ALL the Newbery medal winners! And after that I’ve still got Carnegie winners to cover, so (happily) the work goes on and on.


My bedside table.

My own writing projects outside this website can be followed on my official authorly blog here. In a nutshell, I am at the moment writing a play, developing a fiction podcast, finishing a book about early childhood development, and researching a particularly rich historical fiction topic. Plus another half dozen things, including the most important job of all: being an Awesome Parent… or at least a Not Entirely Out of Touch, Embarrassing and Hopeless Parent.


And another stack over here. (I’m out of cookies!)

If you’d like to follow along with my admittedly eccentric reading list, I’m on Goodreads, where I’ve just set myself the audacious goal of reading one hundred books in 2018. (gulp) Look me up if you are a Goodreader too.

Wishing all of you exciting projects and prospects this year, along with the good health and energy to tackle them all, as well as peace, happiness, and many, many good books to read!



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