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So I wrote these books. Three of them, and the third – Darkling Green has just been released this week, so I feel compelled to mention it here. Fantasy fiction for middle grades, age 8-12 or thereabouts, all served up in a tidy series of three, the classic fairy tale number.


#1  Eldritch Manor

Are those cranky old folks at the retirement home really what they seem?

Twelve-year-old Willa Fuller is convinced that the residents of the shabby boarding house down the street are prisoners of their sinister landlady, Miss Trang. Only when Willa is hired on as housekeeper does she discover the truth, which is far more fascinating.

#2  Shadow Wrack

After battling and defeating the forces of darkness, Willa is looking forward to a little well-earned peace and quiet. Unfortunately, trouble is brewing, and the source lies very close to home, Who can Willa trust? Who will betray them? Who will open the door for the darkness to enter?

#3  Darkling Green

Spring comes to Eldritch Manor, and the arrival of the Fairy King and his entourage has thrown the resident fairies into a romantic tizzy. Mab neglects her knitting, resulting in holes in time through which any manner of evil can enter their world. Nature, weather, and time itself are all out of whack, and everyone is freaked about Willa’s upcoming “unlucky” thirteenth birthday. On top of everything, Willa makes a shocking discovery about her mother.

Willa is plagued with questions. How long do dragons hibernate? Why are there time holes in the pool, and where do they lead? Why are the backyard plants invading the house? And why does she keep dreaming about a sinister Green Man?

Published by Dundurn. Order from your local indie bookstore today.

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