Harris Finds His Feet



Harris Finds His Feet

by Catherine Rayner

Age: 2+

Interests: rabbits, grandparents, growing up, independence

Good Books: 2008

26 pp.

Harris is a young hare with really big feet. “Why do I have such enormous feet?” he asks his Grandad, who simply answers “All hares do. I’ll show you why.” Off they go to explore the world. “With your strong feet you can hop to the top of the world…” And on a hot, sunny day Harris finds his feet can even provide shade. After many lessons and survival tips, Harris notices that Grandad isn’t keeping up with him anymore. The old hare tells him it’s his turn to run, the world is his to explore, so Harris hops on, filled with confidence and excitement.

A book about learning your own strengths and finding your way in the world, with a little help from your elders. Also about going forward on your own when the time comes – introducing this idea without trauma or fear. (Grandad doesn’t die or anything, he just falls out of sight and Harris continues on.)

A simple story with loose, loopy illustrations. The grand, expansive pages emphasize the small rabbit in the big big world.

(this title available at amazon.com)



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