My Old Year – My New Year

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Some people go to the gym when a new year begins. Me, I unleash a flurry of daily blog posts!

The last eight months have been quite the crazy time… May for household disruption, June for packing madness, July for driving across Canada, August for unwinding and house hunting, September for paperwork and having a book published (visit for details), October for moving into our new house, November for unpacking, and December for… well, December is just always crazy, isn’t it?

(I have another blog that deals with these events – something I call Toronto to Saltspring.)

Stress levels are finally subsiding, and we are truly enjoying our new rural island life. As I get back into gear I have many projects on the go, but I’m still committed to this blog and swear to you that I will be posting more often!

If you take a look at my Lists (above) you will see the basic bones of my reading list – I’ve been working my way through the Caldecott Medal winners (finished), and Greenaway Medal winners (nearly done), and now I’m turning my attention from picture books to older chapter books, with the Carnegie Medal and Newbery Medal winners.

For my movie reviews, I will continue to look at vintage Disney, as well as any other deserving films. In both books and movies I am most interested in the oldies, the classics, which can be so easily lost and forgotten in the constant deluge of the new, loud and novel. I will continue to unearth the old classics and hold them up to the light of day, for the good of parents and children everywhere.

That is my plan, anyway.

That is all.

(Happy New Year everyone! Best wishes for 2013!)

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