Great Link: How to Avoid Terrible Children’s Books

Here’s a link for parents, not kids (the language is a little, um, strong):

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, You’re F*#&ed: 10 Tips for Avoiding Terrible Children’s Books, on a site called Dadspin.

While the piece is written mainly for humour, the basic tips are oh-so-true. My only addition would be with regard to the repetitive books: when story repetition starts getting you down, just make your kids do the work. The repetition means they know what’s coming, and having them chime in the endings to the sentences will make Green Eggs and Ham simply fly by. It also helps to listen to the excellent, rather beatnik version available on CD which, thanks to narrator Marvin Miller and a bongo player, really swings.

(And I just finished raving about another CD in this Seuss series – see last post. They really are great.)


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  1. Katie
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 16:53:39

    Thanks for the link; this was hilarious! A lot of good points, too.
    I do think it’s a little harsh of the author to assume that children are “too stupid” to understand Amelia Bedelia, though. I read them as a kid and totally got them. Of course, my parents waited until I was old enough to read them myself (like 5 years old) instead of reading them out loud.


    • Kim
      Nov 27, 2012 @ 10:10:36

      I agree totally. What makes humour of that type (puns etc) hard for kids is that they aren’t familiar with the original sayings to begin with, and by the time you explain them it’s just not so funny anymore. Apart from that, kids love to hear about crazy foolish grownups, so they’re on board with the basic premise of the books, but I’m sure they’d enjoy Amelia Bedelia better when they’re older and can read them independently.


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