Going Solo


Going Solo

by Roald Dahl

London: Jonathan Cape, 1986

210 pp.

Age: 10+

Interests: biography, travel, Africa, adventure, airplanes, war, history

Also by Roald Dahl: Boy: Tales of Childhood (autobiography about the years preceding this book)

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Famous author Roald Dahl recounts the events of his early adult life – working for an oil company in East Africa and flying airplanes in World War II.

The cover of my copy said “The thrilling sequel to Boy.” And the book delivers! I read Going Solo in one sitting, it was so gripping, fascinating, funny, and, yes, thrilling. From the stories of the deadly green mamba snake to Dahl’s death-defying exploits as a fighter pilot, and near-fatal crash in the desert, this is a highly entertaining read. Dahl is a straightforward and truthful reporter of events, recounting the ill-conceived and frankly inept command of his unit in Greece without ill-feeling or rancour. Climbing into an unfamiliar airplane with little to no instruction and flying out to be vastly outnumbered by a deadly enemy… well, didn’t I say it was thrilling?

Dahl’s simple, honest style will make any reader feel like they’re right in the middle of the action. Highly recommended.

(This title available at amazon.com)



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