Awards? Awards!

Still basking in the 1st birthday glow, I received a welcome blog encouragement from bundleofbooks (a booky blog with thoughtful reviews that I enjoy very much) – in the form of 3 peer blogger awards! (Thank you so much!) Even after a year I’m still a bit of a newbie, so it took me a while to figure out what goes on with these things, but here’s what I found out…

They’re a bit like those old chain letters, but in a good, non-intrusive, non-threatening, warm and fuzzy, pay-it-forward kind of way. I thank and link back to the person who gave them to me (here’s bundleofbooks again if you missed it). I put the award images on my blog. For the Kreativ blogger and the Versatile blogger I’m supposed to write a few things people may not know about me. Which is here:

1. When I was ten I wanted to be a musketeer. I kinda still do.

2. I’ve been to a lot of operas, and enjoyed many of them, but I still can’t warm up to Wagner.

3. The first movie I ever saw in a theatre was The Sound of Music, and when the nuns came in near the beginning I said very loudly, “What are those?”

4. My favourite colour is a deep, cranberry red.

5. My favourite comic strip is Pogo.

6. Everybody knows I’m a history geek, but few know that I went through a period when I was totally obsessed with Nixon and Watergate. I even read the transcripts of the White House tapes, even though of course all the expletives were deleted.

7. Seeing That’s Entertainment changed my life.

8. I do not care for beer. Yuck.

9. My number one party trick in the early 1980s was imitating Joan Crawford smoking a cigarette, a feat which masked the fact that I couldn’t inhale.

10. My favourite actor is Alan Arkin.

Finally these awards require me to share the love and pass them on to other deserving bloggers of blogs with less than 300 followers. This is a bit of a challenge for me, since I have so little time to follow blogs, and most of the ones I do check in on from time to time have quite a lot more than 300 followers. But I’ve come up with three that I quite enjoy, and now I bestow the above blog awards upon them:

We Too Were Children, Mr. Barrie is a beautifully written and researched site dedicated to out of print children’s books written by 20th century authors more well-known for their books for grownups.

Happily After All has terrific reviews of children’s books. I love her enthusiasm and obvious love for these books.

Vintage Books My Kid Loves is a fond look at older, classic children’s books.


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