A Ball for Daisy


A Ball for Daisy

by Chris Raschka

Schwartz & Wade Books, 2011

32 pp.

Age: infant+

Interests: dogs, pets, wordless books

Also by this illustrator: The Hello, Goodbye Window

Dog meets ball, dog loses ball, dog gets a new ball.

This simplest of stories packs an empathetic punch. Here, after Daisy’s dog pal in the park punctures her favourite ball, we see Daisy moping around and being comforted by her owner. The next day they meet up with their friends again, who have brought a new ball for Daisy. Happiness!

The lessons here for the very young are those of loss and of comforting someone else who is sad. (The young girl comforts her pet.) It’s good for children to see that accidents can happen, loved possessions can get broken or lost, and everyone gets a little sad from time to time. And things will get better.

Illustrations are bright and energetic. All the emotions are obvious, even without words. Suitable for infants, but toddlers will get something out of the story as well. (And perhaps enjoy ‘reading’ it by themselves.)

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