So You Want to Be President?


So You Want to Be President?

Judith St. George, text

David Small, illustrations

Philomel Books, 2000

52 pp.

Age: 6+

Interests: American history, politics, biography

Next: another presidential biography – Abraham Lincoln

Fascinating facts and trivia about all the American presidents, from their occupations, age, religions, personal habits and hobbies to sports achievements, good looks and number of siblings. All the bits and pieces, from the sublime to the ridiculous (having your clothes stolen by a journalist while skinnydipping) serve to make these historical figures flesh and blood for the reader. Entertaining enough to interest a young reader and maybe even get them hooked on history (or politics). Plus “useful” advice about becoming president, for example being born in a log cabin seems to be a real plus!

A humorous and engaging look at American history and politics.

NB. The original edition I read only went as far as Bill Clinton, but I see there’s a “Revised and Updated” edition that includes everyone up to Barack Obama. The Amazon link below is for the newer version.

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