Making the Moose Out of Life

BLUE SPRUCE nominee – 2012

Making the Moose Out of Life

by Nicholas Oldland

Kids Can Press, 2010

30 pp.

Age: 3+

Interests: animals, moose, adventure, boats, islands, travel, trying new things, survival skills

Also by this author: The Busy Beaver, Big Bear Hug

Moose lives in the wild but doesn’t act wild. He is careful and never tries anything new. While his friends are playing and swimming and cliff-diving, Moose suddenly feels like he’s missing out on something. One day he spots a sailboat and takes a chance. He jumps in for an adventure and gets one – there’s a storm and he’s shipwrecked on a tropical island. Moose gets right to work and makes the most out of his new surroundings, even making a friend. When he is finally saved by a cruise ship and returns to his friends, he is a changed moose.

A very straightforward celebration of taking chances and living life with gusto. Also about facing challenges, as Moose responds to his predicament with resourcefulness and hard work.

Narrative is skewed a little older, but flat, childlike illustrations should appeal to the very young.


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