Small Saul

BLUE SPRUCE nominee – 2012

Small Saul

by Ashley Spires

Toronto: Kidscan Press, 2011

32 pp.

Age: 5+

Interests: pirates, adventure, travel, ships, ocean, being unique, trying to fit in

Also by this author: Binky the Space Cat

Small Saul has always dreamed of going to sea, but unfortunately the navy has height restrictions. Pirates are less picky, so Saul enrolls in Pirate College. From the start it is obvious he is not like the others – he doesn’t have a mean, rough, tough, or crude bone in his body. He prefers singing and decorating and making cupcakes to fighting and pillaging. On his first pirate crew he is tossed overboard by his fed-up Captain, but the crew find they really miss Saul and return to pick him up. Everyone realizes that Saul is doing his best and contributing in his own unique way.

A very funny book about someone doing his best to fit in, all the while never denying his true nature. ie. He gets a tattoo to look toughter… a temporary tattoo… of a bunny. In the end it’s Saul’s sincerity, good intentions, hard work and baking skills that finally win over his surly shipmates. Saul fits in just fine – being totally unique.

And besides this worthy lesson, it’s also a delight to see Saul so chipper at all times, even when he’s been tossed overboard and left to drown. When the crew returns to pick him up they find him cheerfuly singing with a new seagull friend.

Amusing illustrations with lots of fun details on every page.


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