Baboushka and the Three Kings


Baboushka and the Three Kings

text by Ruth Robbins

illustrated by Nicolas Sidjakov

Berkeley, CA: Parnassus, 1960

Age: 4 +

Interests: Russia, folk tales, Christmas

An old Russian folk tale for the Christmas season. Three kings come to Baboushka’s little hut in the middle of a snowstorm, and ask her to come with them to find and greet the Child. She declines because she has not finished her housework, and the kings go on without her. Soon Baboushka comes to regret her decision, and sets out to follow them and find the Child. She walks many miles and asks at many doors but does not find the kings or the Baby. She renews her search every year and children everywhere eagerly await her visit and the gifts she leaves behind.

Small format book with unique illustrations, and the story in song on the last page. A nice introduction to the customs of other countries at Christmas time.

(This title on amazon.)


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