How I Became a Pirate

How I Became a Pirate

by Melinda Long

illustrated by David Shannon

Orlando: Harcourt, 2003

34 pp.

Age: 3+

Interests: pirates!, ships, ocean, adventure, soccer

Also by this author and illustrator: Pirates Don’t Change Diapers

Also by this illustrator: No, David! (Diaper David series), A Bad Case of Stripes, Alice the Fairy

“Pirates have green teeth – when they have any teeth at all. I know about pirates, because one day, when I was at the beach building a sand castle and minding my own business, a pirate ship sailed into view. I knew what it was, because its flag had a skull and crossbones on it and because I could hear the pirates singing, ‘Hey, ho, blow the man down.’ They were a little off-key.”

A boy is recruited by a crew of pirates. At first he is very enthusiastic, enjoying every minute. However the pirate lifestyle is not exactly cozy, and can be very scary. After Jeremy Jacob helps his friends bury their treasure he returns home in time for soccer practice.

This very funny and fun-loving book is a vicarious delight for all pirate enthusiasts. Jeremy Jacob is thrilled to join the gang of colourful ruffians, and happily lives it up… wallowing in the chest of gold pieces, calling people “scurvy dogs”, talking with his mouth full and not having to say ‘please’ or ‘thank you’. He even teaches the pirates how to play soccer… until the ball is swallowed by a shark. The carefree, no-rules life seems perfect, until he realizes there are no books, and no one to tuck him in at night. The noise and chaos of a storm at sea seals the deal. Jeremy is ready to go home.

(This title for purchase on amazon.)


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