The Frog Princess: A Tlingit Legend from Alaska

The Frog Princess: A Tlingit Legend from Alaska

retold by Eric A. Kimmel

illustrated by Rosanne Litzinger

New York: Holiday House, 2006

28 pp

Age: 5+

Interests: princess, folklore, frogs, Tlingit, First Nations

In a Tlingit version of a familiar fairy tale theme, the beautiful daughter of a king (headman) refuses to marry all suitors, claiming she’d rather marry a frog. When a very handsome young man appears (with slightly bulging eyes), she follows him to a new life underwater with the Frog People. Her father is desperate to have her back, and threatens the Frog People with war, going so far as to actually drain the lake. He gets his daughter back, but only temporarily, as she is determined to return to her new people and her children.

Dreamy, vivid illustrations portray this story about a girl who knows her own mind.

(This title on amazon.)


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