Madeline’s Rescue


Madeline’s Rescue

by Ludwig Bemelmans

New York: Viking Press, 1953

50 pp.

Age: 2+

Interests: Paris, poetry, dogs, boarding schools

Also by this author: Madeline, Madeline and the Bad Hat, Madeline and the Gypsies

Madeline, during a typical daredevil stunt, takes a tumble into the Seine and is rescued by a kindly stray dog. She follows them home and the girls take her in and name her Genevieve. When the inspectors from the school board of trustees come for their annual visit they insist the dog must go and turn her out. Miss Clavell and the girls search all of Paris for Genevieve, with no success, but the dog returns on her own and promptly has a litter of puppies – enough for one apiece!

This is the second of the Madeline books, and is just as good as the original one (in which Madeline has her appendix out.) It moves along quickly, with few words on each page, and those wonderful, loopy illustrations. Occasionally we are treated to a full-page portrait of a Parisian neighbourhood or landmark – the girls even look for the dog in Père Lachaise Cemetery. This story is great for both Madeline fans and dog lovers, as the noble Genevieve is the perfect dog, stray or not. As well, it’s a beautiful, evocative introduction to the great city of Paris by one who obviously love it.

Re. Age: The first book, Madeline, and this one can be followed by 2 year olds, but the later books seem pitched slightly older, with more complicated plots.

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