David Wiesner, author and illustrator

New York: Clarion, 1991

30 pp

ages 3 +

Interests: magic, frogs, night

By the same author: Flotsam, The Three Pigs, Sector 7

One Tuesday evening, at precisely 7:58 pm a group of bullfrogs suddenly find themselves levitating on their respective lilypads. The frogs start to fly, and proceed to have a grand old time, buzzing unsuspecting birds on telephone wires, running through laundry on a clothesline, peeking into windows and down chimneys, chasing a dog, and even catching a late movie. When the sun rises their flight ends and, extremely disgruntled, they must hop home again.

“The events recorded here are verified by an undisclosed source to have happened somewhere, U.S.A., on Tuesday. All those in doubt are reminded that there is always another TUESDAY.”

This book is a total delight. There are no words, beyond the occasional notification of the time. The visual style is that of a very sophisticated graphic novel, and should captivate readers as they inspect and comment on every page. The magical events are rendered with high realism, and no explanations. There is of course immense humour in the expressions of the frogs and also in the reactions of those who see them fly by. And at the end we get a glimpse of the next Tuesday night as some farmyard pigs rise slowly into the air…

A very funny and magical book which should appeal to all ages.

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  1. Watching Seasons
    May 10, 2011 @ 13:57:36

    This is a great book for reluctant readers. It’s a visual mystery. The author’s works were quite popular in the library I used to work in.


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