Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure (2009)

Rated: G
Length: 81 min
Age: 4 +   (because of rats; might be okay for 3)         Commonsense Media sez:  4+

Scary factor: escaping from red-eyed rats is quite scary, but action-packed and moves along quickly. Encounter with trolls is quickly defused as trolls are more goofy than scary, and easily dodged.

Intense scenes: More troublesome for the very young might be moments of high despair for Tinker Bell, and scenes in which she loses her temper with her friends, however she apologies and learns from all trials.

Warning: Excessive Merchandise Alert!

Interests: fairies, magic, nature, adventure, travel, treasure


Tinker Bell (2008)

Rated: G
Length: 78 min
Age: 3+               Commonsense Media sez: 4+

Scary factor: Biggest scare is a brief scene with a hawk; the fairies flee in terror and hide. The hawk has Vidia cornered briefly but she escapes. Two stampedes of Sprinting Thistles are momentarily alarming, but the plants are more of a nuisance than a directed threat.

Intense scenes: the aftermath of the second thistle stampede, in which Tinker Bell has inadvertently destroyed all the work of the entire fairy community, could be emotionally intense for some – along the lines of “she’s in so much trouble!!!”, but things are soon set right again.

Another brief gag: a squirrel is hit in the head with a nut, and bursts into tears. Done for humour, and happens very quickly.

Warning: Excessive Merchandise Alert!

Interests: fairies, magic, nature, seasons, spring

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