New Lists – Book Awards

I’ve just posted lists for the Greenaway, Caldecott, Carnegie and Newbery Medal winners.

Greenaway Medal – British award for illustrators

Caldecott Medal – American award for illustrators

Carnegie Medal -British award for writers

Newbery Medal – American award for writers

I found the information from Wikipedia and reordered it to be alphabetical by author rather than chronological. (Helps when you’re hunting through library shelves.)


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Rated: G
Length:  83 min.
Age: 4 and up.       sez: 5+

Scary Factor: huntsman drawing dagger to kill Snow White is a momentary threat, Snow White afraid in the dark forest, the Queen concocting spells and transforming into an old crone, the dwarves chasing the Queen is rather exciting/suspenseful, image of face in mirror is creepy to some

Intense scenes: Snow White eats poison apple and falls down, dwarves grieving over Snow White’s dead body might be a little intense for some.

Interests: fairy tales, princesses, magic, animals

What’s Next: read the original Grimm’s version, MOVIES: Cinderella


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